Sullivan Brown, Sr., Shaklee Corporation
Global Ambassador
Sullivan Brown will Help Bring Out the Best "You" that You Can Be!

Sullivan Brown Sr. is a dedicated customer service craftsman who will be there when you need him, and provide for you the best nutritional skin, beauty, anti-aging and weight management supplements, as well as biodegradable home products on the market. He is a global ambassador for the Shaklee Corporation, and in his current role he recruits business associates and assists customers on a daily basis. Mr. Brown has devoted more than six years to providing top-notch services and carrying out his functions on an international basis. He enjoys working with others, and doing what it takes to help them.


Mr. Brown’s own experiences have helped him to provide for his clients the best services; he is able to showcase the fine qualities of Shaklee’s nutritional products because he understands the importance of nutrition, itself. He has overcome diabetes and cancer, and attributes the success in his life to the change in his habits, and feels that Shaklee’s products have helped him maintain balance and a healthy existence.


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Sullivan Brown Sr.
Global Ambassador, Shaklee Corporation
1920 Huguenot Place
Severn, MD 21144
p: (443) 418-0013
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